DynaSky VoIP Features

DynaSky VoIP is more than just a phone number. It comes with powerful voice settings, and other free features that you normally would have to pay extra for with a traditional phone line. Learn and take advantage of all the VoIP perks:


Voicemail — Get your messages by phone, web or email

Now you have alternative ways to check your voicemails.

  1. If you have access to the Internet, get your voicemails through My Account and even play them back through your computer.
  2. Or, an email alert will be sent each time a new voicemail is received with the actual message attached. Most popular media player formats are supported.
  3. Alternatively, check your voicemails by dialing *0 any registered devices.
  4. When you don’t have Internet access, retrieve your voicemails the traditional way, by dialing your DynaSky VoIP number from any phone, and enter your password.

For detailed instructions, please visit the FAQ page.

Voicemail Broadcast

Message Broadcasting* — Make announcements to your friends or associations all at once

This feature allows you to send/forward a message to a group of phone numbers, including domestic numbers, international numbers and DynaSky VoIP numbers. Create up to 100 distribution groups, with each group containing up to 100 group members. This feature comes handy when you need to broadcast a voice message to any business, or organization. Just create/edit distribution groups under DynaSky VoIP Voicemail Feature in My Account, or over the softphone. Messages to other DynaSky VoIP numbers are free! For more information about the charges, please visit the FAQ page.


DynaSky VoIP message broadcasting feature is intended for regular phone calls. If you're using the feature for business or marketing purposes, please make sure the recipients are not on the Do Not Call list. Calls placed using this feature are not screened for DNC Compliance restrictions.

Call ID with Name

Caller ID with Name

Once you have your softphone's phonebook set up (for more information, visit Softphone Download), you may have Caller-ID with Name. Caller-ID with Name will show you the name and phone number of the incoming caller whenever it is available. Now you can screen through the calls before you decide to pick them up.

It also works with Call Waiting, displaying the new caller's identity when you hear the Call Waiting tones.

International Call Block

This feature allows you to enable or disable international calls, so you don't have to worry making or receiving unintended calls.

Call Logs

Forgot the exact date of that important phone call? Leave that to DynaSky! Search for the history of incoming, outgoing and missed calls through your Account History. All your call activities are listed free of charge.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on a phone call. This feature places your first call on hold while you answer the second incoming call.

Member-to-Member Calls

This free feature can save you lots of call cost. Get your friends and family from across the country or across the globe to sign up for DynaSky VoIP, download the softphone, and all your talk time is free! Or sign up an account for your friends, relatives, business associates and stay in touch, not to worry about long distance rates and overtime charges.


Member-to-member call means both outgoing and recipient calls are through DynaSky VoIP network.

Virtual Phone Number — $2.95/month

Choose a number with the area code that fits your need. For example, if you live in California but your mother lives in Florida, you can select a number with the area code closest to her number then she can call you at local call cost. Or, if you have a business in New York but would like to have presence in Texas, you can choose a phone number with an area code in Texas, which might better present your business.

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