DynaSky Phone Card Features

DynaSky eCard Multiplies the Benefits And Convenience of Traditional Phone

DynaSky eCard offers the most competitive international long-distance rates and roaming rates to destinations all over the world. Our toll-free access number, broadband access and commitment to provide the best service to our customers guarantee that what you see is what you pay -- there are no hidden fees or surcharges.

Most long-distance providers, phone cards, or calling cards, give you just that, long-distance, and nothing else. DynaSky not only offers unbeatable long-distance rates, but gives you value-added calling and account management features as well.

Make Calls from Worldwide

Make Calls from Worldwide Under Any Circumstances!

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DirecDial - PINless dialing

With our convenient DirecDial PINless option, you can register the phone numbers you frequently place calls from, so you won’t have to enter the PIN every time you make a long distance call. (i.e. your home phone number, mobile phone number, and office number) DirecDial feature is only available in the U.S. or Canada.

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Phone Book

EZ Phonebook - 2-digit speedial address book

EZ Phonebook is our speedial function. Assign 2-digit codes to your 50 most frequently called numbers so you don’t have to dial a series of long numbers when making a call. This feature will make your international dialing quick and easy!

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PinDial - traditional dialing for payphones

Our PinDial feature gives you the freedom to save with DynaSky when placing calls from any touch-tone phone using your security PIN, or personal identification number. You simply dial our toll-free access number, enter your PIN, and place your call.

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Dialing Setup

Multiple PIN Options - multiple users under one account

DynaSky gives you the convenience of using both DirecDial and PinDial features on the same account. You have four slots available for registering your choice of any DirecDial and/or PinDial number combinations. So you can have multiple PINs and give one PIN to someone else, while easily tracking the call history under the different PINs; and/or use remaining slots for registering the phone numbers you make calls from the most often.


Instant Call Records

Since 1996, DynaSky has prided ourselves on transparent billing and not charging our customers any hidden fees or connection fees. eCard users can access their call history online, anytime, anywhere.

eCard+Cell Phone

eCard + Cell Phone - Only 4 keys to make long-distance calls

Using your cell phone to make affordable international calls has never been this easy! We have made it possible to pair up your cell phone with DynaSky eCard now!

Follow the 3 simple steps below and you can start making international long distance calls on your cell phone with only 4 keys. Everything can be set-up online or call 1-877-MY-eLIFE (693-5433) and our friendly customer support staff will be happy to assist you.

  1. Program one of our local access numbers into your cell phone's speed dial.
  2. Register your cell phone number as a DirecDial number in your personal account online. Program your frequently called international numbers on the EZ Phonebook.

And you are ready to go! When you want to make calls just ...

  1. Press the speed dial on your cell phone to access our system. One key.
  2. Your account will automatically be recognized and you will be prompted for your destination number. Enter the two digits speed-dial code and the "#" key. So by dialing only 4 keys and you can place an international phone call.

Not that we encourage you to drive and talk. But if you have to, be sure to use a hand-free device and use this cost-saving short cut to call easily and safely.


  1. For DirecDial users who have set up caller-ID block in their phone lines, please deactivate this feature before accessing our network. Deactivate caller-ID block by dialing *82 before dialing the local access number. Note that some cellular phones may not work with DirecDial and certain cellular phones request dialing different keys to deactivate caller-ID block. Please consult with your cellular phone carrier. Dialing *82 will only temporarily disable the caller-ID block of that particular call. Caller-ID block continues with subsequent phone calls if *82 is not entered.
  2. Attention Mobile Phone and Landline Users: After you dial the destination number following the voice prompt, please DO NOT press any other key other than the # sign. If you press the “send” or “call” button on your mobile phone after dialing the destination number, you might be making the call through your wireless carrier instead of via DynaSky eCard. DynaSky shall not be responsible for the charges resulting from your wireless carrier.
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