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Take advantage of DynaSky's low international rates even when you're traveling abroad. When you use DynaSky's international roaming as an alternative to mobile roaming, you're saving up to 90% on your phone bill, without having to commit to any monthly plan. Search DynaSky eCard International Access Numbers.

Tips: International Roaming with eCard

  1. If you're traveling with your cell phone, be sure to get a local prepaid SIM card in the destination country, since our international rates are based on calls originating from landlines or local cell phones. Dialing from a local phone will ensure that you get DynaSky eCard's lowest international phone-to-phone rates.
  2. Dial the country access number.
  3. When connected, enter destination numbers as though you are calling from the U.S. or Canada. (For calls to the U.S. or Canada, enter 1+area code+phone number; for in-country or other international calls, enter 011+country code+city code+phone number.)


  • Save up to 90% compared with mobile roaming;
  • Pay as you go. No need to subscribe to a monthly plan for international roaming service;
  • No need to purchase a local phone card and worry about unused minutes;

Here's an example of your savings:

Our roaming rate from Taiwan to the U.S. compared with major mobile carriers':

Provider:DynaSky eCardAT&T WirelessVerizon WirelessT-Mobile
Monthly plan Not required 450 National Minutes $39.99 Monthly 450 Anytime $39.99 Individual Basic 300 $29.99
Roaming plan Not required World Traveler $5.99 Monthly access $4.99 Not required
Rates to U.S. $0.025 $1.29 $1.99 $1.49

International Roaming Numbers

Our international roaming numbers are available in the the countries below to anywhere in the world.

RegionCountryCityAccess Numbers
Asia Taiwan1 Taipei / Outside Taipei (02) 6641-4691
North America Canada   866-889-9293
    Montreal 514-448-9791
    Vancouver 604-484-8088
    Toronto 647-722-9333


* Please check with your mobile carrier before using DynaSky International access or any other extra access, or airtime charges may incur.

** Surcharges may apply on calls made from mobile phones.

  1. When accessing Taiwan roaming local access numbers, please dial the access numbers according to your specific location. For example, if you are in Taipei using landline, please dial Taipei local access number only, otherwise you may get a busy tone. If you are using mobile phone accessing via Taiwan local access number, please make sure to dial the city code before the access number.
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