General Information about eCard

How does the DynaSky eCard work?

DynaSky eCard is a cost-effective alternative to other long-distance providers. DynaSky eCard utilizes the broadband and fiber-optic global telecom network to provide you excellent quality on all your long-distance calls virtually anywhere in the world. In addition, DynaSky eCard offers premium services such as VoIP calling, call/fax forwarding and multi-account management, all subscription-based and under one account.

DynaSky eCard is the only calling card that can be used on landlines, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and PC. eCard offers its very own iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of DynaSky VoIP App to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi/3G/4G. eCard also offers free DynaSky Phone for Windows or Mac computer.

How do I use a DynaSky eCard?

Once you purchase an eCard or open an account with us online, simply dial any local access number based on your location, or use our toll-free access number to access our network. If you have set up the DirecDial feature and you are dialing from a DirecDial number, you can enter the destination number you wish to reach immediately, without entering your PIN (personal identification number). If you are dialing from a non-DirecDial number, you must enter your PIN before you dial your destination number. It's that easy!

If you should ever want to access your account information, you may go to My Account to access your detailed usage records. If you don’t have an eCard online account, you’ll need to register your eCard on our website. Simply enter your card serial number and PIN, then create a username and password to set up your eCard account. You may then also subscribe to our subscription-based services online.

How can I sign up for a DynaSky eCard account online?

A) Register a DynaSky eCard purchased from a retailer:

  1. Click on “eCard Registration”, also available on the upper right corner of
  2. Go to eCard Holders Login
  3. Fill in eCard Serial Number and eCard PIN Number, and click Login
  4. Once logged into your account, please follow the steps to create your Personal Info, and Sign-In Info under Account Profile page, with your User Name, Password, Secret Question and Answer. This User Name and Password will be used to log in to your web account and DynaSky VoIP App.

B) Use a credit card to sign up or purchase DynaSky eCard online:

  1. Click on “Sign Up” , also available on the upper right corner of
  2. Select to sign up for a regular personal account or a business account to manage multiple users.
  3. Follow the simple steps to fill in personal, login, and credit card information. This will be your future Login Info to access your account info online, or to Login to DynaSky smartphone apps.

What kind of call quality can I expect from DynaSky eCard?

The fiber-optic and broadband-based DynaSky global telecom network provides you the very highest quality of voice and data transmission for both local and long-distance calls.

When do you charge my credit card?

When you sign up for a DynaSky eCard account, you will need to purchase a minimum US$10 credit with the credit card you enter. You can then add credit to your account at any time on our website. Your card will be charged at the time you sign up for service and each time you recharge your account.

If you are using PayPal and choose credit card as your payment method, then your credit card will be charged when PayPal charges you. Only when we receive your payment from PayPal will your account be updated with the amount.

Note: When signing up using PayPal, your account access will not be allowed until DynaSky eCard receives payment confirmation from PayPal.

What if I don't have a credit card?

1. You may use an ATM card with a VISA or MC logo or use PayPal. Please note that if you use non-credit card payments in PayPal, it may take up to 2 weeks for PayPal to confirm the payment with DynaSky eCard. For E-checks through PayPal, it may take up to 8 business days until the electronic funds transfer clears in your bank. Until then, your account balance will not be updated.

2. DynaSky eCard is sold in major Chinese supermarkets, book stores, and wireless retailers. You can register your account online with the serial and PIN numbers printed on the card.

How do your charges appear on my credit card statement?

For credit card transactions, your charge shows up as "" For PayPal transactions, your charge shows up as "DynaSky."

For detailed account information, including complete usage history, you can always access our website and click on "My Account."

DynaSky does not accept my credit card. What could be wrong?

DynaSky accepts VISA and MasterCards that are issued in the United States and Canada. We also accept US and Canada bank ATM cards with a MasterCard or VISA logo.

If you’re experiencing difficulty registering your credit card, please double check the credit card information you have filled in. Make sure your card is still valid, and the credit card number is correct. Please note that if you have recently changed your address, it will take some time for your credit card company and our credit card merchant to update the new address, so you may receive an error message stating that your address and zip code don't match. In that case, please try your previous address or use another credit card.

Alternatively, you can sign up and recharge through PayPal.

How can I sign up for DynaSky eCard if I don't have a credit card issued in the United States or Canada?

If you don’t have a credit card issued in the United States or Canada, then you can sign up through PayPal if it’s available in your country. PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and E-Checks. You may sign up and recharge through your PayPal account. Note that you must be a PayPal member to sign up or recharge through PayPal.

Is it safe to purchase over the internet?

Yes. For absolute security, we use the latest encryption technology whenever we ask for personal information. Customer data is stored on a secure server to protect the data from outside parties.

What do you do with my personal information?

Personal information collected by DynaSky is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public. DynaSky will not share your personal information with any third party.

What happens if I lose my PIN?

For your security, we will disclose a PIN to the original purchaser only. You will need to contact customer support at 877-693-5433(1-877-MY-eLIFE) and provide all of the relevant data you submitted when you purchased the service. Your request will be processed promptly, and you will receive your PIN over the phone once we verify your identity.

How long does my DynaSky eCard account last (account expiration)?

Your eCard account vice will expire six months from the date of purchase, the date of your most recent recharge.

Does DynaSky eCard support conference calling?

No, at present conference calling is not available. We plan to add conference calling in the future.

Can I use DynaSky eCard for my business?

Absolutely! With DynaSky Business, you may create up to 999 sub-accounts for your business colleagues, associates, or group members and manage them under one administrative account. You may adjust the balance to each sub-account and access call history of each sub-account. For more FAQs about DynaSky Business, please click here.

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