• LD-eSecretary

    ...And change the routing to receive calls on any designated landline or cell phone worldwide!

  •  Selection of US local, or toll-free phone numbers;
  •  Instant activation, no contracts, pay-as-you-go;
  •  Low subscription fee and per-minute rates;
  •  Toll-Free forwarding, toll-free number porting;
  •  International call or fax forwarding;
  •  Subscribe up to 2 additional numbers.

DynaSky eSecretary 1: Intro DynaSky eSecretary instantly routes all incoming calls to any designated number worldwide. It’s month-to-month subscription with unbeatably low rates, and no set-up fees. For personal use, it’s a great way to stay mobile and stay connected. For business, it’s an ultimate budget savers to operate without geographic boundaries.


  • More area code selections are available for your new eSecretary number: 205, 302, 239, 618, 224, 502, 504, 402, 603, 505, 405, 401, 864, 757, 804. Subcribe now!
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