DynaSky eCard

By opening a DynaSky eCard account, immediately you can use it as a phone card or calling card with best long-distance rates to make quality calls worldwide. But it’s more than a phone card! Under the same account, your prepaid account balance can also be used to subscribe premium services listed above:

Phone Card

As your DynaSky eCard default service, our worldwide low-cost long-distance rates coupled with multiple access methods through local number, toll-free number, and broadband access makes us the most versatile hybrid phone card ever. The only calling card with FREE computer softphone and VoIP App for iPhone, iPad, and Android. No monthly fees. Details

DynaSky VoIP

Subscribe to a VoIP number for $2.95 a month to receive unlimited incoming calls, make calls at DynaSky’s lowest rates, and get free voicemail features. Download FREE DynaSky Softphone for Windows or Mac computer, or VoIP App for iPhone, iPad, and Android. And other cost-efficient features such as voice message broadcasting and forwarding, free member to member calls. Details

DynaSky eSecretary

Get a North American local or toll-free number ($2.95/mo), so business associates, friends and family can easily reach you and pay only local rates! eSecretary sends all incoming calls to your designated number, landline or mobile phone. Month-to-month subscription, affordable rates, no set-up fees. Details

DynaSky Business

For $3.95/month, this administrative account allows you to create up to 999 sub-accounts with easy management tools to transfer balance, monitor call history, run scheduled reports, and update account details. All sub-accounts enjoy regular eCard features, and may subscribe to our premium services. Details

News & Features

Video Tutorial for DynaSky S Talk App

Video Tutorial for DynaSky S Talk App (in Mandarin)

DynaSky S Talk App Call with Internet

How to call with Internet

DynaSky S Talk App Global Callback

How to use Callback

* eCard users please see DynaSky VoIP App
Wi-Fi calls on iPhone, iPad, or Android

New Global Callback Feature for International Worldwide Travel

Trigger callback via eCard Web Account or DynaSky VoIP App for Android/iPhone/iPad, landline voice quality even with weak Wi-Fi signal. App FREE download! Details
DynaSky VoIP APP Updated with Easy Login!

DynaSky VoIP APP Updated with Easy Login!

Open the App, tap on "More", then "Settings", and tap on "DynaSky Login" to enter your DynaSky.com login info, then the App will start synching with your eCard account. Have you updated your app? See Details: iPhone  Android
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